Hair Ties (5-pack)
Hair Ties (5-pack) Hair Ties (5-pack) Hair Ties (5-pack) Hair Ties (5-pack) Hair Ties (5-pack) Hair Ties (5-pack) Hair Ties (5-pack) Hair Ties (5-pack) Hair Ties (5-pack) Hair Ties (5-pack)
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Alternative to synthetic hair ties.

Meet the first organic cotton and plastic-free hair ties in the world! They're strong enough for thick hair, soft enough to not cause hair tie headaches, creaseless, and made from 100% biodegradable materials. They also fit neatly on your wrist as a cute bracelet.

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75% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton, 25% Natural Rubber.



Care Instructions

Hand-dyed: may run 1st wash. Wash cold with like colors; lay flat to dry.

End of Life Instructions

Paper packaging can be recycled or composted. Cotton component of hair ties can be composted. Rubber takes several years to biodegrade depending on light exposure, soil nutrients, access to oxygen, and other factors, so you can choose to send to landfill or try to compost if you're patient.

Where It Comes From

Kooshoo hair ties are ethically and responsibly manufactured in a Fair Trade certified facility that weaves, hand dyes, cuts, sews, and packages in sunny Los Angeles and are led by a husband and wife team in Victoria, Canada. 

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