Toilet Brush with Stand
Toilet Brush with Stand Toilet Brush with Stand Toilet Brush with Stand
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Alternative to plastic toilet brushes in plastic brush holders. 

Let's face it: your toilet brush needs to be replaced now and again. So why should it be made with a material that lasts forever? This wooden toilet brush is fully compostable, and this stand allows the brush to be suspended in the air to dry completely after use, meaning it will last longer! When the brush is unsalvagably yucky, you can keep using the stand and just swap out the brush itself.

Brush: 37 cm./14.6 in.

Stand: 25 cm./9.8 in.

Goes Great With:


Untreated beechwood stand and handle, tampico fiber bristles, terra cotta tray. 

Care Instructions

Keep the brush nice and fresh by rinsing in clean toilet water after flushing away the ick. Disinfect occasionally by rinsing with alcohol or hydrogen peroxide, then allowing it to dry. Replace the brush as needed, and keep using the brush stand forever!

End of Life Instructions

Brush and stand can be composted or burned. Break the clay tray and place broken bits at the bottom of a planter to improve drainage. 

Where It Comes From

Redecker is a family-owned business operating for three generations in Germany committed to making quality products that stand the test of time from natural, renewable resources.