Shaving Brush
Shaving Brush Shaving Brush Shaving Brush
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Shaving brush in beech and badger hair, machine-made. Badger's hair absorbs water naturally, making it optimal for shaving brushes. 

Goes Great With:


Beech handle and badger hair bristles.

Use Instructions

Moisten the brush and work up a lather from the shaving soap, which is then applied to the face.

Care Instructions

Prior to their first use, new brushes should be washed well using warm soapy water. Do not leave the lathered brush standing. Immediately after use, rinse it thoroughly under running water. Otherwise, soap residue which can destroy the fine hair remains on the brush head, particularly in the middle. Dry the brush by repeatedly shaking out the remaining water, then hang it up with the bristles pointing down. Do not use chemical detergents to clean the brush.

End of Life Instructions

Brush can be composted. 

Where It Comes From

Iris Hantverk is based in Stockholm, Sweden and employ six visually impaired craftsmen from different cultures to make brushes according to an old Swedish tradition. They also work with visually impaired craftsmen in Estonia.