Restorative Hibiscus Hair Mask
Restorative Hibiscus Hair Mask Restorative Hibiscus Hair Mask

Alternative to hair masks in plastic packaging.

Hydrate. Nourish. Moisturize. The Hibiscus Hair Mask will restore your hair and return each curl to its juicy, bouncy state. The power of the mask offers the reward of reduced shedding by strengthening your hair, deeply conditioning your curls, and increasing its shine. Give dry hair a juicy dose of replenishment, while also cleansing it, to leave behind soft, balanced curls. 

The Hibiscus Hair Mask was designed with “au-naturale” in mind. Created using dehydrated fruits and plants, this hair mask is non-toxic and fully stocked with beneficial ingredients that go hand in hand to restore your hair. Hibiscus alone, is a natural gentle cleanser and a deep conditioning herb, that your kinks and curls will drink up with ease. Once the powder is activated with another superfood ingredient, the power of the mask offers the reward of reduced shedding by strengthening your hair, deeply conditioning your hair, and increasing its shine. Give your dry hair a juicy dose of replenishment, while also cleansing it to leave behind soft, balanced curls.

Hair Types

The Restorative Hibiscus Hair Mask was created for all hair types that struggle with damaged, brittle hair. Works for High, Low, and Normal porosity to maximize the health of your hair.

Hot Tip: As a moisturizing treatment for all porosities, you can apply this mask weekly. A little goes a long way, so don’t let the size of the jar deter you. One teaspoon of the dehydrated powder is all you’ll need -- activate your mask with an all-natural ingredient and unlock the power of healthy hair!

1.6 oz


Coconut Milk - Penetrates the furthest into the strand & moisturizes, Coconut Oil - Moisturizes hair & reduces keratin loss, Shea Nut Oil - Moisturizes hair from root to tip, Avocado - Softens dry & brittle split ends, Cactus - Repairs damaged hair follicles, Hibiscus - Seals moisture in the hair cuticle, Marshmallow Root - Adds slip to hair to prevent breakage, Pumpkin - Deeply moisturizing.


Glass jar with metal lid.

How to Use

  • In a bowl, add 1 teaspoon of your hair mask (2 teaspoons if your hair is very long or thick) with 1 tablespoon of warm water or Aloe Vera Juice. Mix the water and the hair mask together, and press out all of the lumps.
  • Add up to 1 cup of your favorite moisturizing conditioner and/or 1 cup of your blended fresh ingredient. Mix, press out, or blend well to a consistency of baby food and strain. The amount of active ingredient depends on the length and thickness of your hair.
  • Apply mix individually on each section, all the way down to the ends.
  • Comb with wide tooth comb or fingers from ends to scalp.
  • Leave in for minimum of 1 hour.
  • Cover your head with a shower cap or spare plastic bag.
  • Optional ​- Sit under a hair dryer for at least 20 minutes for deeper penetration. Co-wash hair in sections 2-3 times with a conditioner, using cool water to make sure all ingredients are out of your hair. Use an old t-shirt to squeeze excess water out of your hair. Apply leave-in conditioner.

End of Life Instructions

Reuse container for DIY creations or recycle the jar and lid.

Where It Comes From

Belle Bar Organic is a clean beauty brand based in Brooklyn, NY that focuses on inclusion, proper representation, and creating all-natural beauty products to replace the toxic products we use every day. This Black-Owned, Women-Owned business started as beauty secrets passed down from Mother to Daughter and has become a way for them to help Women of Color maintain their beauty and texture. 80% of the ingredients used come from fair trade and energy-efficient facilities that source their ingredients using sustainable organic farming as well as wildcrafted and harvested plants. One facility is a zero-waste facility, and the other has reached 50% recycled waste with a commitment to reach zero waste.