Porch Broom
Porch Broom Porch Broom

Broom in oil-treated birch and arenga fiber. flexible broom that is great for sweeping gravel off your porch and cleaning up around the patio or entrance to your home.

Weight 435 g
Length 55 cm
Diameter 10 cm

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Oil-treated birch and arenga fiber (from a type of palm tree).

Care Instructions

Clean the brush with soap and warm water. Let it dry bristles down, and from time to time oil the wood. We recommend a food-grade oil or boiled cold-pressed linseed oil that can be applied with a cloth. If linseed oil is used, make sure to rinse the cloth properly in water to avoid it catching fire. Let the oil soak well into the wood before using the brush again.

End of Life Instructions


Where It Comes From

Iris Hantverk is based in Stockholm, Sweden, and employ six visually impaired craftsmen from different cultures to make brushes according to an old Swedish tradition. They also work with visually impaired craftsmen in Estonia.