Cloth Napkins
Cloth Napkins Cloth Napkins Cloth Napkins Cloth Napkins
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Alternative to disposable paper napkins.

Set of 4 napkins.

Soft and light cotton fabric. Designed for daily use at home, special occasions, or as a perfect gift.

MEEMA fabric is made with fibers that jeans manufacturers and yarn mills discard as waste. They give these materials a second life, converting them into durable and beautiful new products.

Their own waste is finally used by coffee growers as a natural compost, returning to the earth and continuing the cycle.

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100% Cotton (62% upcycled)


Cotton string and paper tag.

Care Instructions

  • Can be machine washed, ideally hand washed, in cold water with like colors only. Since we use pre-consumer denim cutoffs to make new yarns, they will fade a bit with every wash.
  • Can be machine dried, but would be best to hang dry.
  • Since they are 100% cotton, they will wrinkle, so sometimes ironing is recommended.

End of Life Instructions

They can be recycled into new yarns and fabrics, if there is a textile recycling facility nearby. Otherwise cotton materials can be composted along with string. Paper tag can be recycled or composted.

Where It Comes From

MEEMA upcyled cotton and denim fabrics are made by The New Denim Project, their partner textile manufacturer in Guatemala who is a global leader in sustainable textiles and circular economy industry.