Menstrual Cup
Menstrual Cup Menstrual Cup Menstrual Cup

Alternative to disposable tampons, pads, and panty liners.

This menstrual cup is made from medical-grade, silicone and can be worn for up to 12 hours and used for up to 10 years. Every cup comes with a limited-edition, hand-sewn, canvas storage pouch designed by @ashleymaryart.

It can hold up to 28mL of fluid, which allows you to go about your day or your sleep without interruption! For reference, a medium tampon can hold about 10mL. 

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The Dot cup is a patent-pending design, made of FDA-approved, medical-grade silicone, and does not contain latex, plastic, PVC, acrylic, acrylate, BPA, phthalate, elastomer or polyethylene.


Paper carton and compostable cellophane bag.

Use Instructions

To Insert:
Roll Fold

Wash your hands and rinse your Dot cup. Roll the cup in a spiral as tightly as you can with the opening pointed up. While keeping a tight grip on the fold, insert the open end into your vagina and push it all the way in. Once in place, let go and allow the opening of the cup to pop open. You may need to use one finger to twist or adjust the cup into place. It should be fully inside of your body causing no discomfort! 

Punch Down Fold

Wash your hands and rinse your Dot cup. Holding your cup with the opening facing up, push one side of the rim down with your thumb. Insert the opposite end into your vagina, push into place, and use you finger to make sure the cup is fully unfolded. Once in place, release the fold and the opening of the cup should pop open. You may need to use one finger to twist or adjust the cup into place. It should be fully inside of your body causing no discomfort! See below for information on customizing the stem of your cup.

C Fold

Wash your hands and rinse your Dot cup. Holding your cup sideways between your thumb and index finger, fold the top part over so the opening forms a "c." Insert the cup into your vagina with your "c" facing up. Once in place, release the fold and the opening of the cup should pop open. You may need to use one finger to twist or adjust the cup into place. It should be fully inside of your body causing no discomfort! See below for information on customizing the stem of your cup.

How to Remove:

After no more than 12 hours or when your Dot cup feels full, push as if you're passing gas, grab the stem, and gently pull. If you meet resistance or discomfort, reach a bit higher for the base of the cup and pinch and wiggle the base as you pull downward. Dump your blood in the toilet, rinse the cup with water, and re-insert. If you're in public, it's completely fine to re-insert your cup without rinsing it, just make sure to rinse when you return home. When your period is over, wash your cup, and return it to your Dot storage pouch until next month!

Between Cycles: 

Wash with soap and water and store it in your Dot pouch until next month! If you'd like to fully sterilize your Dot Cup you can do so by boiling for 5 minutes and removing with tongs. Let your cup cool and dry, then store in your storage pouch.

End of Life Instructions

Menstrual Cup should last for over 10 years. Carton can be repurposed as pencil holder or gift box, or it can be recycled. Compostable plastic bag can be disposed in compost bin. As for the cup itself, we recommend reaching out to your local recycling facilities to see if they recycle medical grade silicone. If not, the best option is actually to burn the cup outdoors. Burning silicone is rather safe since silicone dioxide is basically sand and glass. It will produce some CO2, but on a very small scale.

Where It Comes From

Dot Cup is a company based out of Chicago, IL. The Dot Cup itself is manufactured in the United States, just outside of Los Angeles.
You're actually purchasing 2 cups! For every Dot cup purchased, one is given to a girl in need, allowing her to go to school or work and to be an active member of her community, regardless of her menstrual cycle! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be able to feel it? 

When inserted correctly, you shouldn't be able to feel your Dot Cup at all and there will be no discomfort. Use your finger to push your cup higher or lower until it sits comfortably. Keep in mind, our medical-grade silicone softens with your body heat! 

How do I get it out? Is it stuck?

It's not stuck! Or lost inside of you! We promise. The vaginal canal is 4-5 inches of muscle that does not connect to other parts of the body. If it feels stuck, simply push like you're... you know, going #2? passing gas? delivering a baby?...choose your own adventure :D and the stem will make its way down. Once you can reach the stem, gently pull downward until you're able to reach the body of the cup. Gently pinch the bottom of the cup as you pull it down and out.

I'm in high school, can I use a Dot cup?

Yes! The Dot Cup is designed to fit *most* body types, and the vagina is muscular so it gives and stretches with ease. Vaginal canals come in all shapes and sizes though, so the best way to know for sure is just to try it. If you're fairly new to inter-vaginal period products, insert and remove slowly and gently, and relax your muscles as much as possible. If you feel discomfort when using light tampons, we recommend talking to your doctor before trying a Dot Cup. 

Does the Dot cup come in multiple sizes?

Eventually, yes! Currently, no. Model 1 of the Dot Cup was designed to fit the broadest audience and is great for cup rookies and cup mavens alike. We know every body is unique though, so eventually, we plan to introduce a smaller cup for our youngest users.

Is it a Pre-Baby or Post-Baby Cup?

Dot designed Model 1 of the Dot Cup as close to "one-size-fits-all" as possible. In fact, their focus group included young women who have never been pregnant and women who have had multiple vaginal births, and both groups experienced great success and minimal leaks using the Dot Cup. 

How do I know if I need to trim my cup?

If you've worn your Dot Cup for a day or two and the stem still seems to stick out uncomfortably, you are not alone! You are one of many users who has a lower cervix during their period. This discomfort can be easily remedied by simply trimming the stem of your cup. Remove your cup from your body (we had to say it!) and start by trimming the very end. Re-insert your cup and see how it feels, and trim a bit higher if needed. Many women trim the stem off completely! The grip rings around the bottom of the cup itself are designed to be used with or without the stem.

What about Toxic Shock Syndrome?

The primary cause of toxic shock syndrome is the combination of the material, usually cotton which supports the growth of bacteria, paired with the duration of use. When a saturated tampon is worn for too long it's touching the walls of the vaginal canal. In contrast, a menstrual cup catches blood vs. absorbing it, meaning there is a barrier (medical-grade silicone) between the walls of the vagina and the blood itself. Therefore, there is a much lower risk for TSS when using a menstrual cup! 

Swimming, Sleep, Sex?

Swim freely while wearing the Dot Cup! Sleep freely while wearing the Dot Cup! Since the Dot cup sits low in the vaginal canal, it cannot be worn during sex. On that note, the Dot Cup is not a birth control device and should not be used for this purpose. The Dot Cup can, however, be used with an IUD or a contraceptive ring. Make sure the ring is still in place after you remove the cup, and if using with an IUD, make sure to break the suction of the cup with your finger prior to removing, and check the strings to make sure it hasn't shifted down.

What if I have a low cervix?

Although the Dot Cup was designed to fit most vaginal canals, every body is unique! If the Dot Cup seems to stick out, sit low, or cause discomfort, simply trim the stem of your cup with scissors. Just take it out first. ;)

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