Duster Duster Duster Duster
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Alternative to dust brushes with plastic handles and synthetic fibers.

If ever a dust brush made you want to dance around your home, lightly grazing shelves and tabletops while humming a diddy, surely this is that brush. These old-timey looking brushes are as effective as they are beautiful. Dustbrushes of soft hand-assembled goathair are especially suited for sensitive surfaces such as pianos, glass tables, etc. The white brush has a little black dot, and the black brush has a little white dot (just in case they weren't alluring enough).

Goes Great With:


Oiled pearwood with goat hair. 

Care Instructions

Clean the dusters with lukewarm water and a mild detergent solution. After washing, wrap the duster carefully in a towel and press it dry carefully. Dry hanging in fresh air or indoors at room temperature.

End of Life Instructions

Entire brush can be composted, or you could burn the handle if you're into that kind of thing.

Where It Comes From

Redecker is a family-owned business operating for three generations in Germany committed to making quality products that stand the test of time from natural, renewable resources.