Argan Oil Shine & Moisture Hair Butter (2-pack)
Argan Oil Shine & Moisture Hair Butter (2-pack) Argan Oil Shine & Moisture Hair Butter (2-pack)

Alternative to hair products in plastic containers.

Let your curls soak up this uber creamy, moisturizing, high-shine Argan Oil Hair Butter. If you’re looking for the ultimate bestie for your curls, you’ve just found it! Deeply nourish, lock-in moisture, strengthen and soften your hair. This hair butter is lightweight, so you can apply, style, and slay for the day.

Two 2oz jars in every order!

Kinky hair has a way of needing its thirst quenched daily, so don’t be shy, be generous with your hair and in return, it will be generous to you. Drape your curls in this butter with kinky hair-friendly oils to enhance your healthy hair journey. Infused with Marula oil that will soften hair, castor oil will thicken hair at the roots, and the rosehip oil will aid in renewing and repairing hair follicles. Activate this butter with your hands by warming it up and applying it as you see fit.

Hair Types

This hair butter is lightweight, so you can apply, style, and slay for the day, all in the time it would take to flip your hair. This Argan Oil Hair butter was created so all hair types, of all porosities, could flourish! Detangle, untwist, and unbraid with ease.

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Shea Butter - Sealant, Argan Oil - Rejuvenate, Shea Nut Oil- Prevents dry hair, Cotton Seed Oil, Baobab Oil - Soothes, Apple Seed Oil - Conditions, Rosehip Oil - Renews hair follicles, Castor Oil - Strengthens, Marula Oil - Regenerates, Babassu Oil - Conditions, Calendula - Hydrates scalp, Comfrey Root - Prevent dryness, Lavender - Anti-inflammatory, Sage - Strengthen roots, Olive Oil - Moisturizing, Moringa Oil - Softens, Evening Primrose Oil - Helps with hair loss, Neem Oil - Adds scalp health


Glass jars with metal lids.

How to Use

Every day: Once a day, apply a dime size of Argan Oil Hair Butter to scalp, hair and ends. For best results, spritz hair with water first for added moisture. Massage in for 1 minute.

Tip: Use the butter as the cream in your LOC or LCO Method at night or on wash day. LOC Method: Water/Tea, Oil , then Cream. Or if you feel your hair isn't staying moisturized, switch it up. Try the LCO method: Water/Tea, Cream, then Oil (better for low porosity curls!). Cover your hair with a satin bonnet at night, or sleep on a silk or satin pillowcase. Otherwise you WILL lose all moisture during the night.

High Porosity Hair: Moisturize every night, also if you are suffering from hair damage or extremely dry hair, saturate ends of hair with Jamaican Black Castor Oil at night to help keep them moisturized as well.

Low Porosity Hair: Too much butter can clog your hair strands, so do not overdo it. Also using heat can better allow for butter and oils to pass through into your hair strands instead of sitting on top. Try to use the baggy method if you don’t want to use hot tools.

End of Life Instructions

Reuse container for DIY creations or recycle the jars and lids.

Where It Comes From

Belle Bar Organic is a clean beauty brand based in Brooklyn, NY that focuses on inclusion, proper representation, and creating all-natural beauty products to replace the toxic products we use every day. This Black-Owned, Women-Owned business started as beauty secrets passed down from Mother to Daughter and has become a way for them to help Women of Color maintain their beauty and texture. 80% of the ingredients used come from fair trade and energy-efficient facilities that source their ingredients using sustainable organic farming as well as wildcrafted and harvested plants. One facility is a zero-waste facility, and the other has reached 50% recycled waste with a commitment to reach zero waste.