We know that most of us have good intentions and want our lifestyles to reflect our values, but sometimes that’s easier said than done. We’re here to demonstrate that low waste living is for everyone, regardless of your age, culture, or socioeconomic status. We want to help make low waste resources and alternatives more relevant and accessible to those of us who haven’t felt included in the conversation before and show that reducing your personal trash output isn’t just better for the environment, it’s also a more practical and fulfilling way of life. ⁣

We work to make this brand a guilt-free zone where we can all learn humbly and compassionately together. We aren’t "trash jar" zero-wasters. We're just people working to act intentionally, and we want to provide support for you to approach sustainable living in whatever way is accessible to you. We're firm believers in the transformative power of trying our best!⁣

Small Actions Matter

We’re often told that individuals shouldn’t bear the burden of responding to climate change; that we should be holding industry and governments responsible. We believe there is some truth to that, but that downplaying our impact as individuals undermines our power to hold entities accountable and shift their priorities with our dollars, votes, and voices. We as consumers ultimately have the power to decide which businesses thrive or fail. Every time we buy something from a company doing business carelessly, we are giving them our seal of approval. Every time we choose a business that aligns with our values, we are funding a better world. Industry will respond much more willingly to a disruption in revenue than a change in regulation. Let’s disrupt.

We’re committed to doing our homework on every product we carry and to sharing its sourcing, materials, and end-of-life options, so that aligning your purchases with your values will be as easy as possible.

Everyone Has a Role in the Solution

We know that it can be overwhelming for most of us to consider changing our habits, even if we really want to. So many of us care about climate change and are eager to make a difference, but don’t really know where to start or what kinds of changes will be the most meaningful. Living a less wasteful life shouldn’t feel like a fad, and it shouldn’t be more complicated. It should be simple and timeless because it is literally how humans have lived for 99.9% of our existence (plastic only became widely used starting in the 1960s).

So much of the messaging around sustainable living tells us that we have to spend a lot of money on new products in order to be part of the solution. We believe that shifting the types of products we buy can have a huge impact (that’s why we started our store!), but that there are ways we can all make a difference that don’t require any investment, too. Living more mindfully shouldn’t just be an option for the financially privileged. We aim to carry products at the most accessible possible price points and maintain a bank of resources in our Blog and Social Media pages to help you implement investment-free changes.

Images and messaging in the sustainable space can also tend to be exclusive to specific cultures, skin tones, age groups, and genders. We’re committed to using this platform to make intersectionality not just an afterthought in this space, but a highest priority. We’ve given special attention to carrying personal care products for every skin type and hair texture, and we’re continually working to add to our selection of products from BIPOC-, and woman-owned brands.


If we really want to move the needle and reverse the effects of climate change, it will take a lot more of us taking active steps, even if they’re baby ones. We want to be right there showing you how, leading the way, sharing your frustrations, and celebrating your wins.

We want to help take all of our collective good intent, and turn it into actions that change our world for the better.